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600W Power Inverter with Reverse Protection M600
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Lighting & Electrical  -  Power Inverter
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basic info
Meind car power inverter has advantages of Compact and light weight. Inverter cigarette lighter plug or battery cable can easily connect to a vehicle's battery. AC converter can supply 220v or 110V AC directly from the car inverters output socket
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Six protection of Meind Inverter
1. Over Load Protection: 
When connected load exceeds the power inverter rated power watts (W), the inverter will automatically shut down to stop the output.
2. Over Heat Protection: 
As the internal temperature of the power inverter or the ambient temperature is too high, the inverter output will automatically stop to ensure the safety of electrical equipment.
3. High-Voltage Protectionion: 
When the DC input voltage exceeds the normal range of the power inverter will automatically shut down to stop the output voltage is too high note when there may be damage to the machine.
4. Low-Voltage Protection: 
When the battery or power supply voltage is too low, the power inverter will stop output automatic shutdown protection to protect the battery or power supply is not compromised.
5. Reverse Protection: 
When the car inverter link reverse to battery, inverter fuse will be blown, without damaging the product itself, you need to replace the fuse.
6. Short Circuit Protection: 
When the load is connected severe short-circuit fault, the inverter will automatically shut down to stop the output.

Meind M600 600W Power Inverter with Reverse protection, AC Adapter, USB Power Supply, Watt Inverter, Car Charger

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